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False Entrance
Steve's Bommie
Two Towers
Silver City
MV Spirit Of Freedom

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 17

On the 10th of September it was time for some Monday Madness. Spirit of Freedom departed Cairns around lunchtime heading out to the northern Great Barrier Reef. Come the afternoon we’d arrived at Saxon Reef for a couple dives before our overnight steam to the Ribbon Reefs where we’d spend the next couple of days squeezing in a total of 11 dives.

Tuesday was a full power five dive day starting off at Steve’s Bommie on Ribbon Reef #3, this magical pinnacle is a spectacular way to kick start the day. We then spent the rest of the day reef hopping up the Ribbons all the way to Ribbon #9 namely Challenger Bay for the epic night dive with the hunting GTs, Morays and sharks!

Wednesday was our final day of diving with four dives planned before makingour way to Lizard Island. We spent the morning around the bottom of Ribbon #10 playing with Cuttlefish and the likes of while over lunch we steamed northto the Cod Hole where we could get that all important selfie with these kings of the reef.

Finally to top of some amazing dives we scooted over to Lighthouse bommie, where two resident turtles and some Olive Sea Snakes joined us. As we cruised over to Lizard Is. we watched the sun go down over the mainlandwhile sharing a cold beer and some ever-lasting memories.

The trip was a wrap come the morning on Thursday when we made our way over to the island for a wonder along the beach before a scenic flight back to Cairns.

A shout out to Liad, Jose and Miksu for smashing out their Nitrox course and a huge thank you to all that joined Spirit and her crew.

Happy Days! Ellis Trip Director

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