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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 16

A beautiful morning in Cairns as 23 guests arrived to Trinity Wharf to board Spirit Of Freedom.

The sun was shining the water was calm so we didn’t waste any time before we headed out to the reef to begin our 3 day adventure of diving and snorkeling the best parts of the GBR.

We jumped in at Norman Reef for a check out dives to get the gills wet again and get used to our equipment, followed by a bit of a dusk dive. With day one done we enjoyed an amazing dinner prepared by our very own Captain Cook, Hanna.

Skipper Josh started our journey up the northern reefs to the Ribbon Reefs, where we awoke at Ribbon 3 to begin our 5-dive day!

We were so lucky with surface conditions as well as some amazing visibility. Wespotted plenty of things along the way light, Stone Fish and Leafy Scorpion Fish, schools of Big Eyed Trevally, moray eels and GTs cruising around. We spotted 2 Ornate Ghost Pipefish hanging out together at Challenger Bay and also a bigGrouper chilling on the sand.

We finished of a Perfect day on the reef with a night dive with reef sharks and trevally going crazy right in front of us!

Our 3rd day out on the reef we started at Pixie Wall where we saw lots of Bump Head Parrot fish waking up and coming off the reef, we met our friends at the cod hole, the potato cod and got a very nice up close and personal experience with them before heading to lighthouse bommie to explore this amazing site full of life!

We bumped into a few rather large grey reef sharks, an octopus, a few green turtles, electric clams and even a garden gnome on to of the pinnacle!

This brings us to the end of our Cod Hole trip as we finished with a beautiful sunset at Lizard Island and a delicious BBQ.

Plenty of amazing dive sites and marine life and also great divers and snorkelers that made this trip one to remember.

Thank you for diving with SOF and we hope to see you all again at some point!

Lucy Hutchinson Trip Director

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