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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 15

Midday Monday the 27th of August Spirit of Freedom set sail for the Great Barrier Reef!

By early afternoon we’d arrived at Norman Reef for a couple of dives before our long overnight steam north to the Ribbon Reefs.

Tuesday was an action packed day with five dives planned spread all the way up from Ribbon #3 to Ribbon #9.

With an array of dive styles from pinnacles, bays and walls we did it all while also throwing in a night dive with the sharks to top it all off.

Come Wednesday we hung around Ribbon #9 & #10 again with a couple pinnacles, coral gardens and of course the Cod Hole.

Over the three days dives we got to see all sorts of marine life from tiny nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, many scorpion fish and larger pelagics like Jacks and barracudas as well as some cuttlefish, sea snakes and of course a couple turtles.

Thursday was topped off with a lovely walk along the beach at Lizard Island before a scenic low level flight back down the coast line to Cairns.

Thanks to all those who joined us, it was a great trip but it was you who made it an experience to remember!

Until next time, Happy Days!

Ellis Trip Director

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