Two Towers
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False Entrance
Steve's Bommie
Silver City
MV Spirit Of Freedom

3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 14

A wonderful sunny day in Cairns as 23 excited divers boarded Spirit of Freedom as we sat along side Trinity Wharf. We made our way to the outer reefs of Cairns to Saxon Reef to jump in for our check out dives. Once everyone was accustomed to the SOF way of life we all jumped back onboard to begin our voyage up North to the Ribbon Reefs.

Waking up for our first dive at Steve’s Bommie, the heading further up north through out the day we dived Clam Gardens, Coral Princess Bommie and finished it off at Challenger bay for 2 dives including our night dive. The ribbons offer so much variety of dive sites from pinnacles to coral gardens with plenty of marine life to find, Stone Fish, Leafy Scorpion fish, Mackerel, Sharks, Rays and schools of fusiliers everywhere.

The following day we hung out around Ribbon 9 and 10. Starting off the morning with a couple of our favorite pinnacles. Pixie pinnacle and Lighthouse Bommie were we were surrounded by thousands of little Anthias and fusiliers, Anemone fish litter the top and gorgonian fans make for great photos as the morning sun shines through to light up the top of the pinnacles.

We then finished off an awesome trip by heading up to the cod Hole for 2 dives to explore the site. The first dive was our Cod Feed where we had 4 Potato Cod Come in for an awesome feed. The guests loved getting and up close and personal experience with these huge friendly fish.

It has been a wonderful few days out on the ribbons, we had a mix of weather with some 25 knot winds but it all died down as we steamed to Lizard Island to enjoy a nice cold Beer and a beautiful sunset to remise over the amazing dives we did on the GBR!

Thank you to all our wonderful guests for cruising with Spirit of Freedom and special congratulations to Astrid and Fred on their honeymoon!

Lucy Hutchinson
Trip Director

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