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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 13

It was a lovely August morning in Cairns as 19 guests arrived to Spirit of Freedom to begin their Cod Hole journey up north to dive and snorkel some of the best parts of the Ribbon Reefs.

We headed to Playgrounds on Saxon Reef to start it off with a couple of check out dives just to get the gills wet before we set off up north to arrived at Ribbon Reef 3 in the morning. Steves offers a wonderful variety of marine life, we spotted schools of Jacks, Stone Fish, Wobbygong Sharks, Mackerel and lots of little macro life.

Then we continued further up north to Clam Gardens, Pixie Wall and finally mooring up at Challenger Bay for 2 dives. The conditions were awesome with about 10 knots of week we were lucky to enjoy these sites with good visibility and easy diving conditions. Along the way we spotted turtles, rays and even 2 ornate ghost pipefish at Challenger Bay!

The following day the winds had picked up to about 20-25knots but that didn’t stop us jumping in to enjoy the calmness under the surface. It was a morning full of Pinnacles at Pixie Pinnacle and Lighthouse Bommie. With thousands of tiny fish around the tops of the bommies it is always a beautiful site. We had mackerel hunting, sea snakes circling divers, green turtles hanging out and grey reef sharks cruising in for a look.

Then we made our way up to RR# 10 to the cod Hole for an awesome dive with the Potato Cod, getting nice and close to these huge, friendly groupers.

To finish it off we ended the trip with an awesome drift dive down dynamite Pass. With the current running it makes for an exciting last dive with SOF.

We packed up the toys and made our way to Lizard Island where we enjoyed an amazing feast prepared by our very own Captain Cook, Hanna!

It was a great few days out at sea cruising the reefs, thank you to our wonderful guest and we hope to see you all underwater again soon!

Lucy Hutchinson Trip Director

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