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3 Day Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs 10

One mellow Monday morning some fellow scubas and snorkelers wistfully wondered down to Trinity Wharf to join Spirit Of Freedom and all her wonderful crew.

Over the next three days we had eleven dives to do spread across several reefs from Norman reef 30 nautical miles NE of Cairns all the way up to the Cod Hole, which sits at the top of Ribbon Reef #10, 120 Nm north of Cairns.

On our second day we were up in the Ribbon Reefs which puts the GBR in it’s true light but what made this particular trip so special was that at 3 of the four dive sites we encountered Minke Whales! These graceful creatures played with the snorkelers for a few hours collectively. Of course this was an absolute highlight of the trip but it didn’t take the glory away from the diving,

Come day three we were in the upper Ribbons, with dives on magnificent coral gardens, fish frenzy pinnacles and of course the Cod Hole itself before heading over to Lizard Island for the sunset.

Day four was short and sweet with a morning walk on the beach before a scenic flight along the Coral Coast back down to Cairns.

A huge thanks to all that joined us and until next time, Happy Days!



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