Steve's Bommie
-13.89, 146.55
False Entrance
Silver City
Two Towers
MV Spirit Of Freedom

Join Wild Earth Expeditions in July 2019!

From 01 – 08 JULY 2019, Wild Earth Expeditions and Majestic Whale Encounters have chartered the Spirit of Freedom for a special 7 Day Minke Whale Expedition.  Majestic Whale Encounters will be starting their trip in the Daintree, staying at the beautiful Silky Oaks Lodge before hopping aboard the Spirit of Freedom to swim with the unique, playful dwarf minke whales. For further information and bookings contact Carmen@majesticwhaleencounters.com.au or visit https://www.majesticwhaleencounters.com.au/june-july-barrier-reef-tour-2019

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