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Spirit of Freedom is always looking to highlight our guests' images and experiences. Please feel free to browse our guests' photos. If you have travelled with Spirit of Freedom, please email us your photos and a brief description of your trip and we will add this to our website. Please downsize your images to 600 x 400 pixels and send to

Herbert Hausner - Mon 15th March 2010 - Mon 22nd March 2010 - (3) images


A big hug to all of the crew members on the cruise 15 to 22 of march!!

especially to the girls and most of all to sweet little Kiri!!!

greetings to mossy!!

you all did a magnificent job......even of "ului"......

herbert hausner

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Sharon and Vince Von Brokern - Thu 18th March 2010 - Mon 22nd March 2010 - (4) images

Hey y'all,

Here are a few of our images from our trip with Cameron, Mossy, Kiri, Lozza and the rest of the crew (Mar 18 - 22). I believe this was the last journey for Lara and Jesse with SoF, so please share these with them.

Even though the weather conditions were less than ideal (thank you, Ului...), we really had a wonderful time! The crew was not only competent with the technical aspect of their jobs, but genuinely wanted to serve the guests. This was a unique experience. Thank you again for the taking care of us, the novice divers.

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- Mon 14th June 2010 - Thu 17th June 2010 - (6) images

Not too many posts in the guest gallery, so here's my contribution from the Cod Hole trip 14-17/6/2010.

Simply cannot fault the boat, crew, diving or the food.

SoF (the boat) has true character, with room to move, relax and even to find a quiet place to sit.

The crew. What can be said? Genuinely friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, efficient - just fantastic!
Briefings by Cade were informative, with plenty of tips on what to keep an eye out for. If you get the chance, take a dive with one of the instructors - they will dive to your interests and point out lots of critters/ plants that you might not otherwise spot. Dayna, Anna, Tomo, Clem & Phil (in no particular order) were great in and out of the water. Kirsten kept things running smoothly inside and the 1st & 2nd mates (whose names I can't recall - early alziemers, I think) seemed to make light work of mooring the boat in conditions that were less than ideal. Skipper Cameron was another who is very knowledgeable about the reef and its surrounds and even passed on some photo tips, ta.

The diving is varied - walls, pinnacles, coral gardens, with plenty to see at any site. One of the highlights of the trip was the sighting of a dwarf minke while we were in the water. Too many other in water highlights to mention, but I will anyway - cod, trout, nudis, pipe fish, flame file shells, GT's, sharks, clams, fish (just fish aplenty), octopus, cuttlefish, wrasse, anemone fish, shrimp, barracuda ................ heaps of corals, did I mention the minke?

Food. Just read the guest book! Thanks Andrew, again.

Kevin Thorne (Words) & Sue Barber (Pics)
Cairns, Australia

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Harold Lanna - Mon 7th June 2010 - Thu 10th June 2010 - (1) images

Attached is a picture of Mossy from our June 7 trip. I didn't have his direct email. Had a great time and hope to do it again in a few years.

Harold Lanna


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Dennis & Elaine Song - Mon 21st June 2010 - Thu 24th June 2010 - (2) images


Wanted to thank everyone again for a great time. The staff and the
crew were gracious, even helping folks with their "brown bag"
departure from port. We wanted to let Lozza know she was incredible
in guiding us through the course, and can even make a claustrophobic,
nyctophobic, and hydrophobic wife an "advanced" diver. Take care and
good luck!

Dennis & Elaine Song.


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Michael Martin - Thu 4th March 2010 - Mon 8th March 2010 - (3) images

Indeed I found my experience on the Spirit of Freedom about as good as it gets. The diving, the locations and not seeing another dive boat for 4 days were fabulous. So was your crew - very proffesional and Mossy was a great Trip Director. And the food, yum yum! I have recommended you to many other divers.

Attaching a couple shots from the boat. Tell mossy I did the campervan instead of cage diving in Melbourne. I'm a lil baby when it comes to cold water anyway. he'll remember me as he had to rescue my fat "..." on the night dive as I was being swept away by heavy current. Good on ya mate!

Thanks again.

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Jari Kallio - Mon 21st June 2010 - Mon 28th June 2010 - (5) images

Yippie-kai-yee, Folks!!

Greetings from the other side of the world!

Tony, Cam, Bevan, Stevie-boy, Lozza, Lucy, Claire, Nori-san, Kiri, Clancy, Andrew (the Magician) and, of course, Mossy (the Guide) and all the guests: We thank you all for unforgettable moments!
"the furious Finns with fins"
Tula-Hula and Bruce (that's Mr Willis to you, Bevan!)

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Sharon Fitzpatrick - Thu 22nd September 2011 - Mon 26th September 2011 - (49) images

Sharon and Andrew from 'Go Dive' in Launceston, Tasmania joined us onboard Spirit of Freedom on our 4 Day Coral Sea trip during September. Here are some great photo's from their trip. Thanks guys for sharing!

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Ken Reinstadler - Mon 6th February 2012 - Mon 13th February 2012 - (6) images

Get out your Aussie slang dictionary:

The week began on the heels of some rough weather that came through Cairns, but despite a first day of less than spectacular viz, this trip was simply ripper. Captain Tony and First Mate Bob must have made peace with Neptune because the water was calm and clear after that first afternoon! Nobody drove the porcelain bus. Enya is quite the "dinghy dolly" and impressed us all with her seamanship as she moored out boat throughout the reefs. She's the bee's knees.

The three days through the Ribbon Reef sites were the ant's pants. Thanks to the crew the Cod Hole feed was a beaut . Joe, our trip leader was ace. He gave some of the best briefings I have ever seen, and I have seen (and given) a few hundred myself. The other instructors, Anna Banana, Matt and Ahi, along with Rene kept us all safe in the water and well informed about all sites and conditions. They also put up with my shenanigans.... I was a little bugger sometimes!

Nicole was the hostess was a bit of alright and Chef Drew is a maestro in the kitchen. The food was fantastic! We loved his barbies. Our group had the crew running flat out like a lizard drinkin , but they stayed in fine feather.

We had some great times together, and the diving was bonzer throughout the week, especially in the Coral Sea at Osprey Reef. The shark feed at Cape Horn Wall was awesome, and I think they paid extra for the amount of after darks that showed up. The water was chock a block of them and big cods too. We had a "big boy" silver tip do a swim through, and even a hammerhead swam by us at the wall during the next dive. A turtle adopted my dive buddy Tom and I. Many of us saw Joe Blakes (snakes), mantas, but I guess I have to come back for a whale shark and a minke !!

I would recommend the Spirit of Freedom to anyone, and my wife and I will see you next year!

Good on ya mates!

Ken Reinstadler

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