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There are few opportunities in a lifetime where you can experience the thrill of sharing the water with a creature as magnificent as a whale. Spirit of Freedom, as an endorsed tourism operator, are allowed to offer a Swimming With Whales activity by GBRMPA. Divers and snorkelers, during the months of June and July, may have the opportunity to interact with Dwarf Minke Whales in the warm waters of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a unique and remarkable encounter.

Dwarf Minke Whale

Dwarf Minke Whale

Each year these graceful creatures migrate to the stretch of reefs south of Lizard Island, known as the Ribbon Reefs. The inquisitive nature of the Minke Whale brings them close to boats in the region to linger with divers and snorkelers, at times as close to up to a metre away. The whales are mostly encountered alone or in family groups of two or three, but can be in groups of up to eight.

The Dwarf Minke whale is the smallest baleen whale, identified by about 50-70 throat grooves. The largest Dwarf Minke whale that was accurately measured was 7.8 m (25 feet) long with adults weighing 5-6 tonnes. They have a characteristic white band on each flipper, contrasting with its very dark grey top color. These and other markings can be used to identify different individuals. They have two blowholes, like all baleen whales.

The Minke does not feed on the Great Barrier Reef, but fatten up on krill in the rich waters of the Antarctic before their annual migration. Many pregnant females will give birth on their northward journey, the single calf being approximately 3 metres in length and weighing 300kg.

Minkes display some extraordinary behaviour such as spy hopping, where they lift their head out of the water and observe the boats above the surface. Often they are seen tail-slapping the water, which may be an acoustic signal to other whales in the vicinity. Minkes are known to breach, but not quite as the Humpback Whale, which are also seen on the Great Barrier Reef in the winter months.

On board Spirit of Freedom divers and snorkellers have encountered Minke Whales on the Ribbon Reefs in June and July. These encounters are ‘a voluntary approach’ basis by the Minke Whale and most have been around the boat where the whales may linger or circle to interact with people as they return to the boat after a dive. The voluntary approach to the vessel and swimmers by Minke whales creates a unique in-water experience. Spirit of Freedom crew brief all guests on strict guidelines from GBRMPA on how to behave during an encounter to ensure the safety and protection of the Minke Whales.

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Much research has been done by James Cook University into the Minke Whales. Collaboration between the Minke Whale Project research team and Swim With Whale endorsed operators lead to guidelines and a Code of Practice being developed to ensure sustainable practices and protective measures allowing for a safe interaction for both divers and whales.

The Minke Whale Project, run by James Cook University, continues to gather data and further the research into this, not yet formally identified, species of whale. Little is known about their migratory paths, feeding grounds or biological behaviour.

Spirit of Freedom hosts volunteer Minke Whale researchers on each of our Cod Hole trips to assist in the gathering of data. Our crew and guests are encouraged to participate in this research by documenting encounters, participating in questionnaires and donating photographic or video data to aid in the identification of individual whales.

Spirit of Freedom is proactive in supporting The Minke Whale Project with the collection of voluntary donations, to further research projects such as the tagging and tracking of Dwarf Minke Whales. We have pledged to go ‘Dollar for Dollar’ by matching our guests donations.

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Extract from trip report, July 2011.

"Graceful" "Acrobatic" "Curious" "Dancing" were words chosen by our divers to describe the Dwarf Minke Whales after diving and snorkelling with them at 3 separate sites during the trip. On one occasion we were fortunate enough to be able to watch the interaction between a mother and her calf. Calves are around 2 meters at birth and are weaned at approx 6 months old. Snorkellers were also treated to playful "bubble blasts" by the whales, who released sudden clouds of bubbles directly under them, a once in a life time whale Jacuzzi, not to be found in any other spa, no matter how exclusive!

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