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It is every divers responsibility to preserve our marine environment. The Great Barrier Reef is a Marine Park and no collecting of dead or live species is allowed. Always remember to maintain good buoyancy, don't touch the coral, and enjoy the marine life from a few metres away.


If you are bringing your own dive equipment please ensure that it is within service and is operating efficiently. Diving beyond your qualifications and decompression diving is not permitted.

Please be aware that you will be travelling to remote regions and a medical evacuation by helicopter may be required in an emergency. Please ensure you are adequately insured to cover the cost of a medical evacuation.

Diving Style

Dive Freedom

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As our guest on board Spirit of Freedom you are free to enjoy your own diving style, within the boundaries of safe and responsible diving. As such we set no limits on time, depth or style of diving outside of normal safe diving practices.

Buddy Diving

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The diving is generally in buddy pairs, to your own pace and interests. Most of our guests appreciate this freedom and independence rather than being restrained in a larger group or to a group dive plan. If you are on your own, it should not be difficult to find you a dive buddy, as there is usually more than a few single divers on board.

In Water Supervision

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If it's been a while since your last dive, or you just prefer the comfort of diving with a professional, you are welcome to dive with one of the dive crew, who will be in the water on every dive (with some exceptions). The Divemaster or Instructor is in the water primarily as a Safety Diver, so this is not always a 'guided dive' situation, and in general you will be joining others diving with the Instructor. More formal guided dives may be offered on one or two dives during the day.

Diving Entry

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Most of the dives will be directly from the main boat, with the reef either below or a short swim away. Access to the water is via a short set of stairs to a water level transom at the stern of the vessel. On a drift dive you may dive from the dive tender and drift back to the main boat. Re-entry to the boat will be via dive ladder where a crewmember will assist you back on board.

Night Diving

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Night diving is available on every Spirit of Freedom dive tour, and is a great opportunity to observe different marine life and different behaviours. Depending on the length of your tour and the season, you will be offered between one and three night dives.

Solo Diving

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Solo diving is not allowed, except for guests who are certified solo divers. Clearance with Spirit of Freedom management must be arranged prior to your arrival and you must bring your own pony bottle.

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